Why Do we do it

our passion explained …


Hearing, seeing and really feeling these vehicles is as close as you can get to experiencing the unique story surrounding them. A story of one of the most difficult times of our modern history.

To Teach and inspire younger generations

By preserving these relics and passing them on to the generations to come, we hope to inspire them to continue our mission and keep the history alive.

Honour those who fell

As we are located right in-between ‘’Kapelsche veer’’ ( Winter front Maas River ‘44/’45) and M.A.St. 8./10.( Munitions Ausgabe Stelle 8./10.), It is a very local part of history, of which the effect was felt close to home. We would like to honour every soldier who fell for our freedom and acknowledge the families who still bare the scars of war today.


Please click on the thumbnails to get a more detailed view of our current projects and finished vehicles.

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